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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item 39-26-1448312365: Cavalcade of the American Negro, Diamond Jubilee Expo

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Cavalcade of the American Negro, Diamond Jubilee Expo Softcover 1st edition c. 1940 "Cavalcade of the American Negro * Diamond Jubilee Exposition Authority * Illinois Writers' Project". This looks unread as there is no "breaking" at the binding is outside or inside. The cover has some minor discoloration from age. The back cover has color changes, as if another book had been sitting on top of it for a long time. Penciled, handwritten price of $25.00 written inside but it's not clear when this book was priced.
Circa: 1940
Condition: Used
Publisher: State of Illinois  

Your Price: $25.00
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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item 39-D13slk: Everybody's Law Book Vol. II No. 187 copyright 1887

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Everybody's Law Book Vol. II No. 187 copyright 1887 This is a small 5 x 7.25" softcover book from "The Leisure Hour Library" set, titled "Everybody's Law Book" * A Compendium of Business and Domestic Law for the masses. F.M. Lupton, Publisher No. 68 Murray Street, New York copyright 1887. This is a first edition. "By John Shirley". It has 124 pages in addition to four pages of Index. There is a lot of discoloration (the pages are not bright white and the first couple of pages have quite a few brown "dots" which I think is called foxing. Most of the interior doesn't have this until you get to the last few pages. The binding is tight, meaning there are no loose pages. The cover has some chips and the lower right corner has been cut off. Not in bad shape considering it's age. Someone name "John Engle" had his name stamped on the first interior page, above the title.
Condition: Used

Your Price: $24.00
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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item advice: Advice For The Home printed in 1891

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Advice For The Home printed in 1891 This is a hardcover book dated 1891 titled Advice For The Home, Jewell & Co. Chicago. It boasts of being "A work comprehensive in scope and full in detail. With Illustrations. By William Edward Stevens. Chicago: Jewell & Company, 1891" "Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1891, by E. S. Jewell, in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington"

The book binding itself is ok, so pages are intact and not loose, but it has completely come away from the cover. The pages are darker around the edges and off white. The front blank page has a tear. The interior is in good readable condition and the pages do not seem fragile, nor do they crumble when turned.

Ok, now that I've gotten the problems out of the way, let me tell you that this is one very interesting read. It an an encyclopedia of sorts for the home. To sum it up: "The object of this work, as its title indicates, is to supply, in permanent form, for easy reference, facts which shall constitute a guide to every department of social and domestic economy."

This book covers everything from Selecting a Home (A Habitation Necessary to Life; Prevailing Winds to be Considered, etc) to sections on Cellars, Ice House, Decorations, Clothing, The Skin, Facts about the Human Body, The Food We Eat, Life and Fire Insurance, How to Paint, Forest Tree Culture, Window Gardening, Sickness and Accidents, The Sick Room, Gunshot Wounds, Preservation of Health, Children, Sleep, The Home Cabinet, About Watches and Jewelry, and Toilets (and lots others I didn't type out).

It has a number of illustrations (non-color) as well, with an index in the back.
Circa: 1891
Condition: Used
Country of Origin: US
Publisher: Jewell & Co.
Author: William Edward Stevens
Edition: 1
Pages: 503  

Your Price: $75.00
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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item hollywood: Movie-Star Portraits of the Forties

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Movie-Star Portraits of the Forties Movie Star Portraits of the Forties c. 1977 First Edition. This is a softcover book edited by John Kobal with 163 Glamor Photos of the movie stars from the 1940 era. Its cover has a small chip on the left top, and teeny corner bends but otherwise in very good condition. These are beautiful studio publicity shots, all in black in white, of some of the biggest names back then. It's dedicated to Loretta Young. The book doesn't have a spine crease and doesn't appear to ever have been opened fully. I was careful doing scans so as not to crease the spine.
Circa: 1977
Condition: Used
Country of Origin: US
Manufacturer: Dover Publications, Inc.
Author: Edited by John Kobal
Pages: 162+  

Your Price: $19.50
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